November 1, 2018 | Kathy Golden
October 10th, 2018 is a day that will live in the minds of Georgians.  After coming ashore on the Florida Panhandle just east of Panama City as a Category 4, Hurricane Michael continued to trek northeastward and came across South Georgia as a Category 3 Hurricane.  In its path were cotton and peanut fields ready for harvest, pecan groves, peach orchards, poultry and cattle farms - and all of the good folks that work in this agricultural rich area.

Seminole County Georgia is the southwestern most county of Georgia and was the hardest hit county in Georgia.  

My prayer was that God would show me how I could help the hurricane victims.  After several days He showed me.  A friend of mine grew up in South Georgia and she had posted on Facebook how badly the farmers were affected in South Georgia.  I contacted her and asked how we could help.  Fortunately she put me in contact with several people in Donalsonville Ga who let me know their needs.

On Sunday  October 14th I put the needs out in our Real Estate Community, my church,  friends and family.  The response was overwhelming.  The supplies began to pour in on Monday the 15th.  As the week progressed our supplies increased.  I'm not talking about your every  day donation of canned goods....nope they stepped it up.  Chain saws were donated to help cut the  downed trees.  Chain saw blades and oil were donated to keep things running.  Diapers, wipes, personal items and water - lots and lots of water.

On Sunday October 21st we headed to Donalsonville Ga, not with just one truck but with a total of four vehicles!  Our town had truly come through for the cause.  

We reached Donalsonville and witnessed first hand the destruction that Michael had caused.  We visited with the town people as we unloaded the goods.  I thought I would see a town full of people beaten down because of the destruction, but I did not.  I saw people that were working together helping each other.  I saw hope in everyone!  I saw gratitude in the faces of those we delivered goods to.  I saw in them what I would hope I would see in myself if I faced this type of  devastation.  A will to not give up - to pick themselves and their neighbors up.

It is so important to help those that are in need.  It doesn't have to be a big ticket item.  A smile, a hug, or a meal can mean the difference in someone's day.  I challenge you to go out and do one small act of kindness to make someone's day better!



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